Exercising Based on Dosha

As the warmer air permeates our life, our quench for physical activity increases. Our physical bodies are inherently designed for physical activity. To move, breath, and commune with our environment. Physical exercise brings a lightness to our being. This brings elimination of toxins, impurities, and stimulation of the digestion. Regular exercise promotes a healthy body, mind, spirit. It relieves stress, and aids in reversing the aging process. Exercise allows the body to maintain it's peak condition, and fortifies the immune system. Ayurveda views exercise as a means of expressing oneself in a gentle manner. Exercise should leave on feeling happy, invigorated, and ready to begin a new day. Exercising according to one's Dosha allows us to focus on the areas which affect us by nature. Using our knowledge of our Dosha allows us to balance our self appropriately. If we are aware of our true nature, we can find a method of exercise which we can stick to and succeed.Go here to take a simple Dosha quiz. Kapha Dosha
  • Kapha types have strong, steady energy, and physical strength. They excel at endurance sports such as aerobics, dance, soccer, rowing, boxing, and so on
  • All aerobic activity that works up a good sweat is powerful and necessary for clearing Kapha congestion and sluggishness
  • Predominant Kaphas find the biggest challenge may be finding motivation to exercise. If you are finding it a challenge to begin, a brisk walk may jump start your routine
  • It is very important that Kapha dominant people experience some sweating during exercise, which may be achieved with layers of clothing. Gradually increase your exercise to include more aerobic type of activities 
Pitta Dosha
  • Pitta types have a strong drive, prefer challenging sports such as skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing. They have a competitive nature, and need to have care in being gentle with self, being aware of not increasing their stress while exercising
  • Pitta predominant types, tend to enjoy winter sports of all kinds because they handle cold better than Kaphas and Vatas. Pittas are likely to  have moderate endurance and will benefit from taking a leisurely walk outdoors in nature. This allows you to experience nature’s beauty
  • Swimming is an ideal exercise for Pitta dosha. The water cools the heat of PItta and relieves the accumulated tension of the day
  • Pittas should NOT exercise in the sun or do hot yoga! 
Vata Dosha
  • Vata types enjoy exercise which require quick burst of speed and agility. They tend to tire quickly, due to the low reserve of energy, and must take care in not over exerting themselves
  • Grounding exercises such as yoga, light walking, dancing, and strength training are beneficial to Vata types. These aid in developing strength, balance, and agility, which is much needed for Vata types
  • Variety is key for Vata types. They tend to become bored easily and need new and interesting to keep their attention
  • Avoiding too much cardio is crucial for Vata types. Too much cardio will increase the already swift motion (air) in their mind-body and will stiffen muscles and joints 
As we enter Summer, the key to beginning and maintaining an exercise routine is find something you love, make it fun, and move your body. Developing a routing will allow you to experience the flow of life energy, and fulfillment. 

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