Spring Has Arrived!

Spring is here!

The warm sunshine has arrived, allowing us to shed our winter gear, extra pounds included.  Most of us find it challenging to lose weight, let alone extra winter weight. Ayurveda states the best time to cleanse and detoxify is Spring. As soon as temperatures begin to warm, our internal cycle shifts from building to releasing. Late Winter and Early Spring are ideal times to begin a new diet, exercise regimen, or fasting. Spring fasting helps cleanse the blood after a long winter of fatty, heavy foods.

Spring is called Kapha season in Ayurveda. Kapha dosha traits are wet, cool, damp, slow, heavy. Kapha disorders prevalent in Spring are coughs, colds, allergies, sluggishness, dullness of the mind, and weight gain. Knowing this we can balance all of the above with a few changes to our routine.

4 ways to help you ease into Spring

  • Start moving - begin an exercise routine to shed the extra winter weight. There is nothing more refreshing than a brisk walk on a Spring morning. Sweating is the best way to remove toxins that we stored during the winter months. 
  • Sleep - the best time to sleep is a 10 pm bedtime with a 6 am wake up. These hours are governed by Kapha dosha and allow for a restful, deep sleep. Anything outside of these times can disrupt the sleep cycle causing one to create toxins in the body.
  • Nutrition - Eat a dry Kapha pacifying diet which favor bitters. Add spice to your diet with pepper, fresh ginger, cumin, fennel, jalapenos. Make sure to eat 3 warm meals a day. Kapha is naturally cold and we want to balance this with warmth. Drink Kapha Balancing tea as well. Recipe below.
  • Fortify your Immune System - This can be done a variety of ways, whether you choose food, or herbal supplements, fortifying the immune system allows the body to combat all external forces much more efficiently and easily. There are Ayurvedic herbs which will help support your body’s natural response to allergens by helping to eliminate existing toxins, which aids a smooth transition into Spring. Turmeric, coriander and cumin are effective spices for helping to cope with allergens, as they improve digestion and immunity.

Kapha Balancing Tea
4 cups water
1 Tablespoon cinnamon sticks, crushed
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon fresh grated or chopped ginger
1 Tablespoon of sucanat or other natural sweetner (optional)
Procedure: Heat water in a pot. Add slightly crushed cinnamon sticks and turmeric powder. Boil for 3 minutes. Add sweetener and grated ginger and boil for 2 more minutes. Strain and serve hot.
Tea is originally from here.

Let food be your medicine, and your kitchen be your pharmacy.

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  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Okay, I definitely need to detox. My skin has been horrible and I wanted to try oil pulling. Have you tried that? I usually have coconut oil and am hoping to do that.


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