Icad #2

Day 2 was a prompt which included circus tent. It brought to mind cotton candy and pastel colors. It also reminded me that life is to be enjoyed, and that is found with a positive outlook on life. Love in one's heart and joy on one's lips. I used acrylic paints and an old credit card to spread the paint. I then added gesso to mute the colors, but I forgot to take a picture (oops), I was in the throws of creating. 

I then thought to make a mask of a circus tent. I figured I could stick a phrase in there at some point. I used spray paint and a hand cut stencil. It puddled a little bit on the left so I used a paper to scoop up the rest. I like how it gave it a gritty texture. 

The phrase came to me and I pulled out my stickers. Since this is going to be a positivity and inspirational deck of cards for me, I felt the words and the circus tent go hand in hand. 

I then added some washi tape to break up the monotony of the card. I also added a pink punched out circle.

Used a black ink pen to add accents and finish the page. I really enjoyed how this came out. Nice and simple.

I'm having so much fun with these I've already made the next two! I highly recommend if you have a bug to create, draw, collage, paint, and are intimidated, start with an index card. They are the perfect sized canvas.

This phrase really resonated with me. Life is made of moments that are strung together, like Christmas lights. At the end of a journey we look back and we can see the lights strung together, and having that "Oh-Yeah" moment but in the thick of it we loose sight of that. We step to close and become devoured by life, by Maya, by the illusion. In this life I've chosen to love. Unconditionally. See myself in others. I also want to help other people find their healing power. I have been healed many times. There is more healing to do, and I look forward to it. To the growth. To the expansion. To busting out of the seed and spreading my roots.

I was able to blog both days because it's the weekend, however, I think I'll only be posting my cards on Friday, I have seven to show you (5 this Friday because I've already showed you 2).
Be well.


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