#Icad Week 3

Week 3 just flew by! This week was pretty simple for me. I'm trying to minimize my concepts into two or three steps max. I tend to overdue and layer in my normal creations, so I'm going for something different for this challenge. We'll see if I can continue the trend. 

Prompt #21
Repeating Pattern
I began with pearlescent watercolors for the background. I then added the OM and symbol. Simple but to the point. I love the color.

Prompt #20
Candy Wrapper
We attended a birthday party and this was in the bag. It's pretty normal for parties to hand out Mexican candy. I love all the spicy candies. Yum! I used one staple, then colored in the background with color pencils. I then used a marker to add doodles, text and border.

Prompt #19
Harry Potter
I had no inspiration for this prompt so I went of the grid and used a mantra I enjoy putting into practice. The background is ink, and the drops are as well. The chair is a rub on sticker, and the text are also stickers. 2 brads were added at the end of the card. 

Prompt #18
I used one brad here with scrapbooking paper. Added stickers at the top and bottom for some shine. Used my calligraphy pen for the text. This was easy. I am really enjoying the one staple/one brad creations!

Prompt #17
Polka Dots
Used a map of the brain for the background. Added the word polka dot from a dictionary. I used 3 punch outs and gems on top of those circles. Added text and voila - done. 

Prompt #16
Roll the Dice
Drawing those 3D cubes was so challenging. At least one came out good. I then used color pencils to fill in the background. I am really digging this process.

Prompt #15
I used a map of Los Angeles as the background, added stickers and words. This was real easy and the color combination just came together. 

I'm so happy that I'm keeping up! Hope you are enjoying this series!!


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