Rules for Sancho

Read this article.

Friend who posted it asked:

"Where are the rules for the side men?"

I was all, right? Where are they?
(In my head)...


Here's my version.

Rules For SANCHO

1. You are my cousin, if anyone asks. Act accordingly.

2. My time is mine. Be grateful I share it with you. Don't ask me questions. Ever.

3. Remember, you're my cousin. Especially in front of bae.

4. I might meet you at the 7 11. Might. Don't get excited. It's when I want. Not you.

5. Let me do all the talking. The less you say the better. Shhhhh.

6. Don't fantasize a life with me, it will never happen.

7. You know this is just for fun, right? Don't get caught up.

8. No, Bae never makes me quiver like that. Ever.

9. Do not try and impregnate me to keep me. I'll never leave bae.

10. The moment I decide it's over, respect it. There are many Sancho's in the sea. I wanna meet 'em all.

Oh ya, you obviously must be in call at all times. Be grateful I chose you. Many people would love to be in your position.

Sancho Lyfe forever.

OjO - In case it's not obvious, parody. But that article was not. Sadly.

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