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I Loved the #Cantinflas Movie!

I learned a lot about Mario Moreno. As we type I'm also looking for Around the World in 80 Days.  The one with Cantinflas in it. 
This movie reminded me of my home. In the way that we spoke to one another. The double meaning, and innuendos that went back and forth like a tennis ball during Wimbledon. I learned to be quick witted without ever skipping a beat. It became a dance.
Which I witnessed in this movie. In one scene specifically they go back and forth and it was awesome. The second thing I noticed were all the sayings.  They were sayings I heard as a child, and continue to hear, and resonate with. Lastly, I learned so much about Moreno. He won a Golden Globe for Around the World in 80 Days. I had no idea he was even in American Films. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have watched the life  of my paisano on the big screen. It was long overdue.

I met the actor who portrays Cantinflas, Oscar Jaenada (pictured above). He really molded himself to both personas. A truly talented actor. The Director, Sebastián del Amo did a fantastic job of bringing the story and puzzle to life.  Bravo!

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"Charlie Chaplin once commented that he was the best comedian alive, and Moreno has been referred to as the "Charlie Chaplin of Mexico"."

I am so excited to watch this film. I grew up with Cantinflas in my home. My mom was a child when he was in his young comedic days. 
I will never forget the saying my mom.always said to us, "Ahí está el detalle, dijo Cantinflas"
Which was originally "Ahí está el detalle! Que no es ni lo uno, ni lo otro, sino todo lo contrario." 

I shall report back my perception and views of the movie. I look forward to seeing his life unfold on the big screen. 

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