Bhakti Fest 2015

I'm not one for festivals anymore. Maybe as a youth I attended too many and I'm over it, or more so, it's all the people. Surrounded by so many levels of energy, it can be taxing, I've learned.
I was asked by Ms. Hemalayaa if I'd be open to assisting her at Bhaktifest West.
Ok, let's back up. I've known Hema for a while and absolutely adore her. She is a sweet and loving spirit. I'm blessed she's my soul sister! She was teaching yoga at the festival (a fantastic class which I was lucky to attend), and I was only too eager to assist and be of service. 
Bhakti is Sanskrit and means devotion. To God, Source, Uni-Verse. The festival is a group of people coming together to celebrate and sing (chant) to God. It's like saying the rosary, except in festival form with hundreds of people saying the rosary with you.
It's pretty amazing.
It was my first time and I was open, with no expectations. I was also blessed to be able to assist my yoga teacher Mas Vidal. It is always a blessing to be among like minded individuals who have the same goal. It's rejuvenating, invigorating, and inspiring. I attended 2 lectured by Jeffrey Armstrong, astrologer extraordinaire, and it blew my mind out of my head, as my 5 year old says.
But what I really took from the festival was this -
There's not enough love in the world.
There's not enough self love.
In order to establish it, we must begin in the physical, then mental, and then spiritual. Because we are not the body not the mind, but rather, Spirit!
This bhakti yogini is ready to serve all, for the greater good of all.
In love and devotion.
In service,
Jai Jai Yo Momma

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