My Birthday Week!

My birthday was on the 2nd, but I celebrate all month long! Hahahahaha!

I began the week with a lovely hike here in Big Bear.

On my birthday, the 2nd, I spent the day having cocktails with a very good friend and Bartender, Maryanne, and overdid it.
To remind me why I don't drink.
There was I time I was addicted to alcohol, but that's another story for later.
On Saturday I attended Mas Vidal's Open House in Echo Park. It was great to see friends and catch up in a healthy atmosphere and environment.
I was blessed to attend Hemalayaa's Cooking Class and was filled with love and joy in body, mind, and spirit. She began by making us a decadent chai masala, followed up with a restorative kichardi, accompanied by a cleansing kale salad. It was such a complete meal that I slept like a baby that night.  Check out her program, Enlightened Women ~ Leadership Program, as well! She has a gift to aid in transformation in a gentle manner.

The evening brought my sister, my friend Richard, my friend Maryanne, and myself together at the local bar which Maryanne tends. It was karaoke night.  Needless to say I got up but as a backup dancer, because that's what I do. Maryanne sang Airplanes by M.I.A. It was fun to reconnect with my posse from almost a decade ago. They are my How To Get Away with Murder crew. Ride or die. Haha!

On Sunday, I watched B. Lioness from the Humble Servant Band perform in a contest for best Female Reggae Singer at a local reggae venue. She was awesome, and humbly congratulated and celebrated with the winner. I had a great meal of brie quesadilla, garlic french fries, humus, and mac and cheese for the children. It was tasty!

We then drive back up the mountain and began a new week. Which I'm doing right now, too.
There should be a limit to how many times I do this.

Anyway, that's it.  Have some fun things I'm going to announce but maybe not.  Haha


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