Pray For Me

It's like I wrote that last post and then hid in my cave.

But I'm back!

With lots of great news!

I'm teaching yoga again, and cooking! I'm offering cooking classes based on Ayurveda. I've noticed a lot of food shaming talk about healthy food going on and I decided to do something about it. I started teaching cooking classes in my neighborhood. My cooking classes teach people how to use affordable veggies and fruit to make whole, nourishing meals.
It's you'd like more information, shoot me an email -

I also moved! Off The grid! We are officially off the water, and gas lines. We have a huge water tank and a reasonably sized propane tank, and I was (probably still am, tbh) freaking out because we are a family of 5! Universe knows what It's doing with us and I willingly follow along. This is a whole new level of conscious living as I am watching our water and gas intake and use. 

My first change - I've been filling the sink with water for The Dishes (capitalized by auto-correct, but that's how I feel about them), instead of washing as we go, they soak now. 

I'm also collecting the bath water

Biggest change - not flushing the toilet. Do you know how much water is wasted that way?!!!!! Up to 4 gallons in an old toilet!  So in this house if it's yellow, we let it mellow. You know the rest. 

On average, one person uses 80 - 100 gallons a day. We purchased 3k gallons for $260...and I'm praying it lasts all month, hahahahahahaha hahahaha
There's 5 of 80 gallons per person, that's 400 a day. A day! However, there are 3 children in the home who can't reach the faucets, so I'm safe there. Phew!

But seriously, this made me realize how PRIVILEGED we are to live in a country that has running water That we flush it down the drain. We can wash our hands 100 times a day. We can shower and bathe, and not be worried about it running out.
And then I thought, it's already running out. Here in California we are experiencing a devastating drought, and I can't help but think it's inevitable, we will have to ration water.

When that happens, I'll be ready, for I've started my journey to being self sufficient, off the grid, and independent of "The System"

My descent onto the path of a revolutionary has begun and I'm taking you all with me!

Also - pray for me - this conserving water and gas is the unknown for me, and I'm (trying to) happily embracing it! The views help compensate, that's for sure!


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