The Eye of God in Big Bear

This week we went on a hike to the sacred site of snow quartz, the Eye of God, located in the "Pine Place" named so by Native San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Tribe.

It's located close enough to see my home from the Eye of God, or Crystal Mountain, coined by the locals.

The captivating history can be found here. Upon discovering the history, I felt immense gratitude to be living so close to such a sacred site. I knew I had to place my bare feet in that quartz!

After discussing my itinerary with my partners (read children) we packed water, snacks and headed out to explore.

I followed the directions, parked, and began walking.

It was so impressive.

My heart skipped a beat, shit, many beats! It was awe-some. I took off my boots and opened up the chakras in my feet by placing them on the quartz. I felt joy, heart, love, energy! Similar to when I visited Yogananda's dwellings at the Mother Center. Almost over whelming, over powering, like a big hug that makes you cry.

I took along Ganesh, my Chakra healing stones and crystals, my Reiki wand, and my Tulsi mala to charge, energize, connect with the quartz. It was so peaceful.

The view was breathtaking! I didn't want to leave, so we promised to go back and picnic all summer long. Next time I will definitely take her a gift. She was kind to us and I am forever grateful to know she is watching over us. Now and forever. Aum!



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