Dust Busting my Mind

My dust buster is sleek, black, runs on solar power and backed by faith. I've never had a dust buster, I usually just sweep everything under the rug, like most humans. This dust buster was introduced to me by Tara in the 30 day writing challenge for conscious leaders, as a tool to remove anything unwanted from the mind.

Today's prompt is to dust bust any thought, feeling, memory from the last 72 hours that I want to remove. I have a ritual that already accomplishes this - I "plug" into the Earth and release/transfer the unwanted thoughts/feelings/memories of the day back to Earth to be transformed. But this is for anything within 72 hours. Yesterday I attended the YogaNext Conference, and the same thoughts popped up, again.

The one thought, or two, that continue to plague my mind are:

#1 - I have been on the yogic healing path aince 2004, but didn't manifest until 2008. In the last 13 years I've learned a lot! For which I'm super grateful. But my mind keeps the thought that everyone is like me, everyone knows this ancient healing modality, and is proactively healing in there own way.

Which releases me from the responsibility of sharing the ancient wisdom. This thought releases me from being held accountable as a Healer. This thought keeps me from my Dharma, or life purpose.

#2 - The second thought that haunts me is the idea of success. The ego wants me to believe that in order to continue teaching and hosting workshops  - many people need to be in attendance. You see, my ego would like for all my yoga classes and workshops to be full, because the ego wants praise. The ego wants to be known.

I've had many internal struggles about both thoughts, which do not serve me, now or ever.

I've realized that my focus has been off.

I've realized I have not been clear on my path.

I've been a passive participant on my healing journey and life.

I've been sitting shotgun, and therefore, expect others to get me to my goals!


I finally realized that my life goal is to help others find their way to self-healing.

I realized when I aid even one person's journey, I have succeeded.

When I drop a seed, and it blooms later - I have succeeded.

I also realized as long as I stay true to my practice, I am successful.

I need to focus on the fact that I have 24 hours, everyday, to impact our world. But I must step up with clarity, and share this wisdom. This is how I can best serve Humanity, at this point in time.

I have placed my dust buster on my altar, as ab reminder. I have the choice to see every encounter as a success, and dust bust the thoughts that do not serve me, or my mission of being of service.

In the end, I'll look back and see hundreds of people just like me. After all you are my reflection.

In divine service.


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