Far from Perfect

I don't believe people are perfect, but I do believe now is the perfect time.

The idea of perfection is so personal, how can we even try to define it, based on one person's idea of perfection. I also believe our imperfections are what make us unique. Our imperfections are what makes us vulnerable, and that vulnerability is what allows us to connect with others.

This vulnerability makes us open, and inviting. Open to the endless possibilities.

This moment is perfect as it is. I've recently felt as if I'm missing things, or events, that would allow me to expand. But thinking I'm missing something is a slap in the face to Source. It's as if I'm saying this current moment is not good enough. Who am I to even think that this moment isn't good enough? This moment is not worthy, and that is ungrateful thinking. That is ego based thinking and doing.

This moment is absolutely perfect! Every other moment has led up to this one, and I have the power to make new moments, based on what my focus is. I choose to create a chain of moments that are perfect. I learned to drop the idea of perfection and expectations about what life should be like. Drop expectations because they create suffering.

I'm a creator.
I create. Joy. Happiness. Love.

Perfect is right here. Right now.

Because, if I tap into my gratitude, how could it not be perfect?

If I look at my life with the lenses of gratitude, how could this moment not be perfect? I have well-being, my family ia healthy. I have a roof over my head, and food to eat.

It's essential for my mental clarity and welfare to stay aligned with gratitude.

Having suffered depression, it is the one thing that can quickly shift my downward spiral into upward motion. It's so easy to go down the spiral, but much work to stay neutral, or in the upward flow.

Life is not meant to be perfect, but enjoyed, experienced. Assigning labels to life serves no one, especially not me, or my Self.

In divine gratitude.


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