Monday Meet-Ups

Every other Monday I will be bringing you people from various corners of the internet that resonate with me, in some way, shape, or form. I feel it's important to share in hopes of bringing our community closer. 
Today I'd like you to meet La Leo, who is known as Nopal Lady on Instagram. 

I ran across her profile last year and was instantly drawn to her deep love of our culture, the good and bad. I resonate with her love of Trolls! She's a collector! I grew up with them. My mom even gave me a sweet sixteen troll which I saved forever. I eventually let it go, but still hold it dearly in my heart.

I was instantly intrigued by her artistic abilities as well! She is very crafty and in the time I've followed her on IG I've seen her create many beautiful pieces. She is quite exclusive in choosing her clientele too, and I like that. She creates things with such depth and detail, it's hard not to instantly love her creations.

She shares her vulnerabilities with us on Instagram and it allows me to resonate with her. Whether it's a body positive post, political post, or art related, she adds a dash of herself into them. She's inspired me to bring my culture into my yoga practice.  Head on over to Nopal Lady's IG and check out her profile. 

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