Pacifico Dance Company Celebrates 25 Years!

As a child, my mother thought it imperative that I learn Folklorico Dance. I danced at the Placita Olvera and have very fond memories of dressing in vibrant colors, as my heart and feet thumped to the beat.

The Pacifico Dance Company will be celebrating 25 years of Folklorico Dance!

Enjoy the show this Saturday, August 12. Showtime is at 8:30 p.m.
Guaranteed to be a phenomenal time, the theme is Mexico, De Tierra a Mar.

This one night only performance will explore early Mexican history, myth and folktales through a blend of traditional and contemporary dance.

Dancers will share the famous La Llorona Folklore dance, the weeping woman dance, in the newly renovated Ford Theater.

Also included will be dances from Costa Chica, Nayarit, Jalisco, as well as the dance from Yucatan. I am ecstatic to view this wonderful art, handed down from ancestor to ancestor.

Special guests include Mariachi Los Toros, and the Founder of Pacifico Dance Company, Adriana Gainey.

Saturday can't come soon enough! Let's dance!

Call (323) 461-3673 or visit for more information.

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