Racoon Sighting at Green Valley Lake

Green Valley Lake, known as the "Hidden Gem" is nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains. The closest towns are Arrowbear and Running Springs. The community is set at 7,200 feet above sea level. It is a quaint town and recreation area for families and couples alike. The lake was man made in 1926 with the construction of the Green Valley Dam and is not connected to any stream or river. It is fed by rain, snow, and underground springs, and freezes in the Winter. It is 28 miles from my house, which is a bonus! The campground offers single-family sites for tent, which we did, and RV camping. Cabin rental is also an option. Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a campfire ring with one grill. We were close to the super clean bathrooms, and drinking water was everywhere. One car per site, which is all we had. We turned onto Green Valley Lake Road and headed up. At one point, we thought we were lost, so we pulled over and asked a local at the General Market. We were advised to keep going up, to the end. Upon arrival we drove through both campsites, which has a few available spots on a first-come, first-served basis. We found one open spot that was near the bathrooms, spot #10.

We set up camp and headed right to the lake. It is a private lake, each person 11 years and older pays $5 each. Children under 10 are $3 each. You pay for all day, with the option of coming and going as you please. We were annointed with a wristband of admittance.

The water was clear, and crisp. I did not go in, because I'm always cold, but the kids loved it! They have the lake broken into three sections. A small wading area for those who don't know how to swim. A middle section for swimmers only, and a third section for kayaking and canooing. All the kids jumped in, including Matt, the Mister. With his glasses on. Mhmm. They were gone, of course.

The lifeguard was so nice. Absolutely compassionate and understanding of the loss. Glasses aren't cheap, after all. Matt looked for them, the lifeguard looked, and our second oldest looked. To no avail. We even went the next day and had no luck. After losing his glasses, Matt was left with his one back up lens, a monocle, if you will. The Mister was blind without that monocle, and it was quite a sight (not captured), and fun. Back at camp we explored and realized our campsite was rife with baby lizards!! The girls proceeded to catch and release lizards, which they named, obviously. This little guy below is yogi. He's doing Gyan mudra.

We went hiking on a nearby trail, and returned to camp ready to eat. Made some simple quesadillas with hummus and koolaid to quench our thirst. As twilight hit, we started the fire in the pit. I bought a bundle of firewood earlier at the General Market and even grabbed some kindling.
Bellies and hearts full, we headed to bed as the darkness crept in. At about 3am I hear rustling outside the tent.
Terrified, I lit up the flashlight, pointed it outside the tent, and exposed 2 beady little racoon eyes. I shooed it away and went back to bed, er, sleeping bag. Oh, did I mention I was sharing my sleeping bag with my second youngest, Elia, who is a 5 year old budding yogini. We were scrunched, but oh so warm! As sunrise approached we started a morning fire, and made pancakes. The girls and I packed up and headed home. I had to drive because Mr. Monocle couldnt see without his glasses. Off we went, with fond memories (provided by Matt, mainly), and a new favorite camping location! Can't wait to go back.

There are many things to do at Green Valley Lake, but the best for me was enjoying my family under a gorgeous blue sky. 
Should you want to enjoy Green Valley Lake there is fishing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and much more during Summer! They also have tons of activities to do during Winter! 
*This is not sponsored. I paid for everything out of sheer desire to bond with my family. All opinions are mine*


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