Meet Tara-Nicholle Nelson

I came upon Tara earlier this year when I signed up for her 30-day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders. I wrote many blog entries, including this one, which was very cathartic and healing.

It is no wonder why I signed up again, since the first time around was very transformational, and this round's focus is "Transcend the Chaos and Spark Bold Transitions".

Honestly, who couldn't use that?

I like Tara because she is relatable, and offers great insight into every prompt she offers. It is a very thought out project, to which is evident by how many women join and transform within their own lives!

Check out this video and join us!

Today was the first day of prompts and I am so excited!

As I enter this next decade of my life, my forties, I am ever so ready to conquer all the bullshit that is holding me back.

Holding me back from my own greatness. Fear is losing it's grip, if not most by now, and I am ready!


Ready to receive, give, be open, forgive, be honest, be raw, be authentic, be healed, be empowered!! To own my glory!

Writing has always been a very freeing method of de-stressing for me. I have journals that date back to the time I was in junior high school! The last time I did this, I bought a journal and pens to prepare. This time I did nothing. I decided to use the tools I have and go with it. Better and easier to accept and work with what I have, as opposed to focusing on what I don't have.

If you feel like this resonates with you, head over to the Facebook Page for the 30 Day Writing prompt and check it out.

I'll see you there.


PS - I plan to post some of my writings here on the blog. More than likely I'll post those writing prompts on Tuesdays and Thurdays.

PPS - I'm hosting a Kichari Detox on Facebook. Head on over if you're intersted in joining.

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