My GoT Name

Today the prompt is to name our Self. We are to name ourselves just as one of the GoT character does for herself. I’ve never watched GoT so I have no idea who this character is, or does, however Tara gave a great explanation of our intended purpose. 

The goal is to name who we want to become, not who we currently are, or who we have been. A new name, a new perspective. 

This seems easy enough today, especially after being at Bhakti Festival recharging my Self with other Light Beings for almost a week.

While I was a Bhakti Festival I had a lot of revelations, or moments of enlightenment. I rarely share my internal discussions with others, because they are my message, my download. Most people wouldn't understand them anyway, as they are being accepted under my perception, to answer my questions, not someone else. 

But I will share them here today, because they are valid in today's prompt. Which is to name our Self.

When I first started on my path, my teacher, Mas Vidal, always said we are to be nameless and formless. 

This really resonated with me.

Nameless. Formless. 

For a very long time I had no name, not even a spiritual name. Even when I was initiated into Bramacharya, many moons ago, my Guru didn't assign me a name. 

Which was strange, because everyone gets a new name. It's significant to your spiritual life. At least I thought it was. 

But not when you want to be nameless and formless. 

So I wondered without a name. Until a beautiful girl named me Eh-Jah back in 2010. 

That name was accepted and tied to my future spouse, who praises Jah Rastafari. 

But after that, I had no spiritual name. Until last week at BhaktiFest. 

Now, just for backstory, you should now - NO ONE REMEMBERS MY NAME. 


I don't take offense because just like Jim Morrison says, "When you're strange 
No one remembers your name". 

So I tell people my name is Ma. Like Mother. 

People definitely remember that, because I am big Mom energy.

At Bhakt, I was inititated with 2 names. The first was by Erin from Banyon Botanicals. She blessed me with the name Leela Ma. Which I absolutely love! Leela means "Play". I am the playful Mother. Although I never really embraced this part of me, and felt that playing was juvenile, I really resonate with this new name I was given. 

Leela Ma

The other name which was bestowed upon me was Maha. Chase Iron Eyes gave a talk about Standing Rock and how they are being treated unfairly. It resonated deeply within and I could not keep the tears out of my eyes. It was a very emotional talk. I received some serious downloads, and reconnected to my Indigenous Roots. I connected with Chase on a very universal and energetic level. I even felt the presence of my Nana there!! I have been praying to connect to my Indigenous Roots since she passed in 2005. 

After Chase spoke, I met with him and asked many questions, which were overwhelming. He then gave me my name - Maha. I was wearing my "Maha Seva" badge and he took that as my name. Maha means "great". I just wanted him to remember me, so I could have someone to reach out to, in the Indigenous Community. I am so very desperate to reconnect.

After that incident I was able to meet the amazing Mary Magdalene in meditation. Her download was so powerful, that I am unable to put into words, just yet. 

I did my Seva in the Women's Tent and met many excpetional women!! I will be bringing these women to you, in time. 

But, for today, we focus on my name.

I am Elizabeth Baby Peregrina, Energetic Mother, Independant Indigenous Goddess, Master Manifestor, Lover of All Vegetables and Fruit, Family Soul and Face, Yogini From the Beginning of Time and Space, Spice Guru and Creator of Art you Eat, Superb Transformer by way of Shiva, the First and Only of her Name. 


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