Costero Brunch, Good Company, and Consciously Connecting

I had the incredible pleasure of attending a gathering hosted by Latina Lifestyle Blog and Costero Bar Bistro, located inside the Sheraton Gateway LAX. I was not paid to write this, but I did eat some of their food, however, and it did influence my opinion as the food was scrumptious! But seriously, this Bar and Bistro is so gorgeous and inviting! The first thing I noticed was the bar!! The colors change from a variety of pink to purple and blue, but I just had to capture this pretty pink!

We noshed on some tasty and delectable food, including asparagus accompanied by a white truffle sauce that was to die!! I mean, I would give away a child for a constant supply of this stuff, oh my!!

They did offer other items, however, being vegetarian made me be limited in my options. But I was more than happy to sop up that sauce, so don't feel bad for me. Haha.
I also had some amazing donuts, that were sprinkled with cinammon and sugar, and included a white, sweet frosting. These, my friends, were mouthgasmic! I went back repeatedly to enjoy those decadent, cinammon laced donuts!
We were then escorted to the 15th floor, where there is a work suite for your productivity pleasure. It overlooks the runways and beautiful blue sky.  They have fruit, snacks, coffee, tea, and water at your disposal.

There is a computer and printer which is available as well. Within the suite, there are many benches, seats, chairs, and cushions to sit upon. Televisions are strategically placed so they don't stick out of place. I really like the ambiance of this suite, and could definitely get a lot done, while enjoying the view and coffee, of course.

I really enjoyed the layout of this location. I used to take my mother to the building next door to this Sheraton LAX and I have a very pleasant memory of the staff. I used to take my first born and nephew with me, on these doctor visits, and we would sit at the back end of the Sheraton. I never wanted to be in the way, or obnoxious, as we were visitors, and not really patrons of the hotel. One day the kids were being super unruly and I was so embarassed. After all, this is a business hotel, geared towards business people, traveling in and out all day long. I decided to load up the kids and get moving, when an employee approached me. I thought she was going to ask me to quiet down, but instead, she comforted me and said we were welcome to be there without fear of being asked to leave, because of noise. She was so welcoming of the children - it really made me love this hotel. My mom's appointments finished and we never went back, but I always fantasized about staying there and pretending I'm from out of town. It was a very nice treat to attend the brunch and be reminded of the welcome I received, many moons ago.

I felt the same welcome this last visit. I can only imagine the comfort of landing in L.A. from a long flight, and heading to the room immediately.

Taking off shoes, cracking and stretching the toes and feet.

Filling the tub, or starting a hot shower, and hopping in.

Cleansing the day and flight away, down the drain. Dressed in clean clothes, heading downstairs into Costero Bar Bistro for a good dinner and drinks, with no worries about driving anywhere.

Afterwards, making your way upstairs to your room, for the best sleep you've had in a really long time.

Doesn't this sound like it's time to plan a get-a-way?

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