Embody Workshop with Hemalayaa on December 3rd!

"We have a responsibility as strong women to take steps to raise the collective consciousness. And it begins as a whisper that urges us to fully embody our own gifts, our passions, our sensuality, our powers of creation." Hemalayaa has hit the nail on the head with this new movement she is inspiring.

Embody is the movement. This is your time, this is your path!

Perhaps you are wanting to serve others and improve lives but not sure where to start.

Desire more connection to your inner spirit, but it's not clear just yet.

Have a tendency to doubt yourself, your gifts, and your place as a leader, and feel a bit…disheartened or ashamed when you see others bravely stepping into the spotlight. 

Desire to connect with like-minded women and be a part of a community of visionaries and action takers!

If these are resonating within, you need to embrace this feeling and go for it! We are all feeling the call and we are awakening to our true spirit. We are here to Embody our true path and purpose, and we are ready!

Below is the video from the previous event, which was a success! Filled to capacity!

We shall gather at the amazing Mandala Center in Santa Monica on December 3rd - this Sunday!!

I am so excited to gather with my new community of sisterhood! As a mom, I juggle many plates at one time, so having a group of like-minded supporters rallying for me is crucial to my mental, physical and emotional health.

When: December 3rd
Where: Mandala Yoga Center, 719 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tickets: Register Here

If you want to get to know Hemalayaa a little more, check our her Hema Conversations, they are very informative and educational.

Look forward to seeing you at this amazing event!

The world is ready for the divine feminine to awaken and embrace our powerful divinity.


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