Love Thy Womb and Hips!

I am so happy to introduce you to Panquetzani, who is doing some amazing work over at Indigemama. I found her through Instagram one day, while perusing the Explore page, or whatever it's called. She was pictured among nature, telling us to love our womb and hips (caderas)! Her glow was undeniable! I was instantly drawn to her energy. She spoke of womb healings and returning to our authentic nature, which resonated so deeply. I definitely believe our womb holds the power which allows us to seep into healing. 

From her "About Me" page
"Panquetzani breathes new life into ancestral traditions, offering time-tested techniques inspired by Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, traditional foods, and herbalism.

Panquetzani honors the over 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers and integrates her 16 years of study into her practice. She comes from a matriarchal family of folk healers, growing up with bedtime stories of magic, miracles, and deep transformation. These impactful narratives have led Panquetzani to believe that all people have innate wisdom that can revolutionize their own well-being and that of their families. As a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, traditional birth attendant, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, her goal is to support, educate, inspire, and gently guide her clients and students. On her days off, you’ll find Panquetzani fermenting, writing, preparing herbs, playing music, and exploring nature with her sons."

I also grew up in a Matriarch household, where the women in my family were the rulers. The first 10 years of my life were guided by my Native American grandmother and Mexican Mother. The combination of both healers pouring themselves into me was an undeniable blessing. When I first discovered Panquetzani, I realized there was more to my healing journey than I originally thought. I believe the healing of our nations will be led by women. We each are stepping into our power and expanding not only ourselves, but our own worlds. Making waves while bringing ancient wisdom for healing, as a true Warrior of Light. 

Upon finding her, I viewed all of her YouTube videos and was instantly drawn to this one below, which speaks of healing generations of trauma through our womb!! It was like music to my ears, and immediately led me down a path of self love and expansion. I can honestly say this resonates so much so, in addition to doing the Ahbyangha, Ayurveda Self Massage, it has healed me on so many levels. 

Panquetzani offers many services, including Doula Services, One-on-one, and Workshops! She often does them in the L.A and LBC area, however she does travel all over the country. She is currently pregnant so I believe it is limited. 

She offers a course called "A Cerrar las Caderas", which is a course on PostPartum healing and care with traditional Mexican healing methods. I hope to one day take this course, for my own knowledge.  As I walk this path of empowerment and expansion of women, I truly believe all women need to know this wisdom, for our own healing and peace of mind. I know I have definitely changed how I perceive my beautiful hips and nurturing womb. 

Lastly, I have never met Panquetzani, but was left with a lasting impression, to this day. I feel it's important for my readers to know many healing modalities, and the women of color who are bringing it to us, in this day and age. If it resonates, head over to her page and send her some love.


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