Meet Claire at CB Quality

Meet Claire Fountain also known as CB Quality. She is the creator of Trill Yoga, which "celebrates the human form and provides an avenue for anybody and any body to learn and utilize the power of yoga".

I found Claire one day on Instagram. Her feed was laced with yoga flows, body building sessions, and whole foods to nosh! In addition to all of that, she is a big advocate for Mental Health. Her mantra is, "I want to feel good" which resonated to strongly with me, at that time. It still does, and I commend her for doing things her way. She is not a typical yogini, and that's why I was drawn to her.

Her story is one of many challenges, having overcomed an eating disorder at a very young age. She has lived a very challenge filled life, and has conquered and preservered. I admire her for all that she is still continuing to overcome. I love that she represents many of us yogis who don't fit the normal mold of yoga - skinny, blond, and blue eyed - and brings a twist to the yoga community. She brings a street edge to yoga, and I love it. I am far from the branded image of yoga, and in finding her, I was able to spread my weird wings and fly. Claire is a Pioneer among those of us who have travelled down the yoga path, alone, with no mirror image of us. I was always embarrased by my thunder thighs, but now I love them and see how powerful my legs really are, and can use that energy accordingly.

You can often find CB in the weight room, which is so bad ass!! I am often initmidated by the weight room, but she makes me want to body build!!  She offers many types of weight training programs which include only weights, or weights and yoga, or just yoga. He example is truly one of a yogic lifestlye, and she also has one heck of an adorable dog - Duke, Dukers!

I highly suggest you watch CB's video below on Mental Health Awareness, and her journey. Perhaps something will resonate, just as it did for me.

Check out Claire's Blog for more of her writing and thoughts. She really is tuned in, turned on and in alignment with expansion. Give thanks for another soul vibing and expanding into conscious awareness.


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