Are We Super Humans? I am.

I'm one of those weirdos that believes we have to potential to be Super Humans. Totally.

Let me explain why.

During the labor of my second child, while she was crowning, I wanted to give up. I wanted the doctor to shove her back into my uterus and cut her out of it. I could not handle the pain. I literally yelled to the doctor to stop and cut her out. I had my doula there and she looked into my eyes and said, "You got this!" and I believed her!! My spouse said, "You can do this, your amazing" and I believed.
I took a huge deep breath and visualized my breath travelling down my esophagus to my belly and pushing Baby Elia out. I pushed her out in one breath. I felt her entire body coming out of me, as I birthed her naturally, no epidural and no pitocin. Even though I wanted an epidural and was ready for it, I arrived at the doctor and was 6cm dialted. I didn't get checked until I was 7cm, almost an hour later. By that point I was about ready to push her out! They immediately rushed me to a room, set up the bed, laid me down, and asked me to not push!!!!
Um, what?
The doctor had not arrived and they wanted me to wait! I couldn't.
I pushed and broke my water.
At that point I yelled that I couldn't wait and this baby was coming!
And she did!!
The doctor arrived, sat on his stool, and delivered my baby. Who came out in one minute.
"I wish all my mornings were this easy", he said.

After, I was super high off the oxytocin and could not believe that I delivered Elia so quickly and with barely any pain, other than the crowning part. LOL

I discovered my breath during that labor. While I am a yogi and practice pranayam (breath exercises), I had never used it for a specific purpose and goal. After that I realized I could do anything I needed to, with my breath. I realized I could channel my energy, breath, and movements to manifest whatever I needed. I made the connection between my breath and my life. I realized they were connected, and I have the power to make shifts as necessary, using my breath.

I have the choice to use my breath and awareness to work for me, in my life. I have the opportunity to allow my breath to guide me to the next flow.

Since I discovered this tool, I have used it to benefit me and my nervous system. I have used it with my children! Heck, I've taught my children how to breathe. It really keeps me centered, patient, and sane when I'm at home with my kids.

Here is me doing Alternate nostril breathing for you to try. If you enjoy this, send me an email and we can discuss how best to get you on a good practice to exercise your breath. It would be my pleasure to be at your service.

Namaste family!

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