What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit, translates to the Science of Life.  It is a healing science focusing on mind, body, and spirit.  Your diet is considered one of the important therapeutic tools.  By bringing harmony and balance to your diet and lifestyle you then begin to practice the preventative aspect of Ayurveda.  Imagine, you have to power to heal yourself based on the foods you chose to consume.  

The uniqueness in this healing science is the attention to the individual and their symptoms, causes.  Everything is looked at from diet, to lifestyle. It encompasses various therapies including yoga, meditation, astrology and working with gemstones, however food and cooking play a prominent role.  Food is considered to affect not only our body, but also our mind.  By understanding how to prepare foods best suited for our bodies and minds, we can achieve a harmony, a balance and begin to thrive in divinity.  

My intention is to bring you more information about this science.  Expand your awareness about food, and being in tune with nature, because Ayurveda focuses on being a partner with nature, and the elements.

Ayurveda speaks of a universal life force which manifests as three energies, or Doshas; they are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  We're all made of a unique combination of these 3 Doshas.  Most people have an abundance in one or two doshas.  This combination is determined when one is conceived, and is your authentic nature.  These three doshas constantly vary based on your diet, season, environment, age, and several other factors.
The first step is figuring out in which Dosha(s) you are abundant.  You may find quizzes online, or you can email me and I'll work with you directly.  


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